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Web Designs
Mentat Consulting excels in creating quality yet affordable professional web sites. We are committed to successfully promoting companies over the Internet.

Backed by years of experience, we have authored client web sites from many different industries - such as Financial, Insurance, Management, Legal, Technical, Architecture, Accommodation, Construction, Cleaning, Health, Film, Photography, Fishing, and Entertainment. Our clients include Businesses, Associations, and Individuals.

Visit our Client Portfolio to see examples of our work, or view our Online Brochures.

Want a Dynamic website with Customised Graphic Designs, 3D Images, Image Maps, Banner Ads, and Special Effects like Sound, Animation, or Flash Movies?

Find out what kind of Web Site we can develop for you. Click on Web Services, or go to our Custom Websites Page.

Still not sure you need a Web Site? Read the Testimonials from prominent financiers to find out why they think it is important.

Have something simpler in mind??
...just need to get a presence on the web??
...on a small budget??
...want to try before you buy??
Take a look at our Templates.

Mentat has highly trained professionals that can help you transform your ideas into reality. Find out more about us by viewing our Company or Key People pages.

Contact us today to get one step closer to achieving excellence!

Business Services
Want to make your marketing a complete package? You can get LetterHead Stationery, E-Mail Stationery, NewsLetters, Brochures, On-Line Banner Ads, Business Cards, and PowerPoint Presentations coordinated with your website.

Don't have a Company Logo?
We can create one for you!
We can also make it 3-D or add animation.

If you want to be on the leading edge - try using CD-Business cards. You could have a dynamic multimedia package uniquely designed for your Company that will fit into your clients' wallet or pocket. They are great for displaying your products, doing presentations, or just containing your website.

For more details,
Visit our Business Solutions Page,
or e-mail us at

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What is Mentat?
Examples of our creations. Affordable Web Development
What we can do for you. Quality Web Site Authoring
Capitalise on the potential of the World Wide Web Our Backgrounds and Experiences
How to contact us. Contact Mentat Consulting for all your web needs.
Links to our work.

Hosting and Domain Name Services
Do you already have a website built? Now what do you do with it, where will it reside, and how will your customers access it?

Mentat Consulting can help you get online economically and hassle-free.

Mentat  is  now  offering  a
free sub-domain name,
if you purchase a hosting package with us.
Your website address would look like this:
(replace client with your company name)

Do you have a great idea for your domain name, but not sure if it is available, or how to secure it for yourself? We can help you get competitive pricing and register your domain name for you.

If you have your own domain name already purchased, you can still host your website with us and receive great service with low competitive prices.

For more details, Visit our Hosting Page, or Please e-mail us at

Consulting Services
Mentat provides Professional Consulting Services like Programming, Designing, and Technical Support

We also offer help with the little things. Can't quite figure out how to change or upload your website files? We can show you how to do it.

Go to our Consulting Services page to find out more.

Other Services
Do you have some photos that you want to send via eMail? Mentat can create optimised digital images ready to send. We also offer Image Scanning, Image Enhancement, Lamination, and Printing Services. Please go to our Other Services Page to find out more.

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Web Development Tips
Needs some TIPS on how to create your own website.  Visit these pages to get the basics on
HTML commands and explanations, general notes and hints about building web pages,
and some great links to very helpful websites.

These pages will include the following subjects:
Using Frames / Online Forms / Working with Tables / Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
JavaScripts & DHTML / Image Mapping / Event Handlers / Meta commands

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Examples of our creations. What is Mentat? What we can do for you. Our Backgrounds and Experiences What we can do for you. What we can do for you. Examples of our creations. Our Backgrounds and Experiences What is Mentat? What we can do for you. Our Backgrounds and Experiences How to contact us. Links to our work.
Australia's Finest
Customised Graphics
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