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Odds and Ends

Do you still have some small things needed done?

Mentat offers a lot of other services that are helpful:

  • PDF Files

    Have you ever wanted to send a Brochure or Product Flier by email? Now you can - Send it in PDF format. Mentat will create it for you.

    Besides brochures, you can send Forms, Proposals, and Newsletters. And whatever you send gets there looking like the original!

    Some other ideas of things you can send online are: Offers, Specifications, Product Updates, Photo Tours, Portfolios, Business plans, Catalogs, and Most everything you can think of!

  • Scanning & Editing

    Mentat can perform Image Scanning and Image Enhancement. We create high quality optimised images for you to put up on your website, send via eMail, or just save your favorite photo album to CD.

  • CD-Roms

    We can Create a CD for you, when you provide the files (Great for preserving photos). We can Copy information from one CD to another. And we can Customise a CD Label to reflect your company images.

  • Printing

    Have a Little Printing to Do? Bring it in, and we can make as many copies you need using a quality color printer.

  • Preserving

    Want to keep it forever? We can Laminate it for you. Most anything from Business card size up to A4.

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Australia's Finest
Australia's Finest
Customised Graphics
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